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About Us

Embark on a journey beyond consulting with Bonjour et co, a digital marketing and e-commerce partner that crafts tailored strategies for success. Founded in 2021, we're not just a consultancy firm; we're the architects of your digital triumph, propelling luxury brands to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Our Unwavering Values

Guided by three unwavering values, Bonjour et co is more than a consultancy – we're your steadfast ally to a collaboration in amplifying luxury.

We are customer-focused, guided by the heartbeat of our clients, we place their needs and satisfaction as the North Star of our journey. Every stride we take, every strategy we craft, is a testament to our commitment to delivering not just solutions, but experiences that resonate with the essence of their brand.

We believe in continual improvement and it is the pulse of progress beats within us. We are relentless seekers of excellence, forever exploring new avenues, embracing emerging tools, and pushing boundaries to elevate our services. Our pursuit of improvement isn't just a philosophy; it's woven into the fabric of our actions, propelling our clients towards ever-greater success.

We prioritise collaboration and we don't merely work alongside our clients – we weave the threads of partnership that elevate both parties. Through open communication, shared aspirations, and a joint dedication to growth, we create a symphony of collaboration. Together, we transform challenges into triumphs and coalesce our efforts to realise common goals.

At Bonjour et co, we believe that our core values are what set us apart and enable us to deliver exceptional service and results to our clients. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed online.

Meet the Collective Force

Our team at Bonjour et co is a dynamic assembly of minds, each contributing their unique expertise to create a symphony of success stories.

Alex KEMP - Founder Image (1).jpg

Alexandra Kemp

The Visionary Pioneer

Founder of Bonjour et co, Alexandra Kemp, also known as Alex, has charted a remarkable course in the digital realm. With over 7 years of orchestrating conversions and igniting online engagement, she's a seasoned expert who envisions possibilities where others see challenges. Her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from Stenden University infuses her approach with a distinctive customer-centric finesse, crafting strategies that redefine online retail and hospitality triumphs.

Heleen PINAAR - Founder Image.jpg

Heleen Pienaar

The Brand Alchemist

Heleen Pienaar, our co-founder, joined our vibrant team in 2023, ushering in a new era of brand identity mastery. Armed with an Honours Degree in Marketing from the University of Pretoria and over 8 years of traditional marketing experience, Heleen infuses brands with fresh life. Her touch transforms even the smallest nuances into impactful experiences, a touch that propels both large and small brands towards the zenith of success.

Mike TSELENTIS - Animation Consultant Image.jpg

Mike Tselentis

The Animation Virtuoso

Meet Mike Tselentis, our 3D generalist animator and storyteller extraordinaire. His journey from The Animation School in Johannesburg, South Africa, to becoming a versatile 3D animator, is a testament to his dedication and artistry. Every project he undertakes carries a narrative waiting to be unveiled, a narrative that takes your luxury brand to the realm of captivating animations.

Danielle PRETORIUS - Sales Consultant Image.jpg

Danielle Pretorius

The Social Media Maestro

Danielle's journey from obtaining a Diploma and Bachelor's Degree in International Hospitality Management from Stenden University to the world of Bonjour et co is a story of passion and rapport. With 7 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, she orchestrates engaging online experiences. Her commitment ensures that every brand under her care thrives in the digital sphere, forging meaningful connections and driving remarkable growth.

Our Empowering Impact

At Bonjour et co, our influence stretches beyond numbers. Our partnerships kindle growth, turning engagement into enduring customer relationships. By aligning values, we partner with brands making a tangible difference, amplifying their reach and impact.

Pioneering Your Future

Unlock your brand's potential with Bonjour et co. Our path forward is illuminated by our core values, a roadmap that mirrors your brand's aspirations. As we pave the way to a promising future, our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and your success remains unwavering.

Fun Facts

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