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Your Success, Our Commitment
A Collaboration in Amplifying Luxury

We thrive on partnership – a synergy that transforms us into an integral part of your brand's narrative, propelling its growth as committed stakeholders.

Within the realm of Bonjour et co, we transcend the boundaries of a mere digital marketing and e-commerce consultancy. We stand as architects of triumph for high-end and luxury brands in the dynamic domains of retail and hospitality. Infused with an unwavering spirit of innovation, collaboration, and continual improvement, our craft lies in tailoring digital strategies that defy the norm. We move beyond the expected, weaving a tapestry of creativity and strategic mastery that guides your brand towards the pinnacle of excellence.

The Heart of Bonjour et co

hands forming a heart, meanif customer focused

Customer Focused

Our compass is directed by our clients' needs, as we weave their satisfaction into the very fabric of our services.

infinity sign meaninf contiual improvement

Continual Improvement

A relentless pursuit of excellence propels us, driving constant innovation to achieve unparalleled success for our clients.

hands touching meaning collaboration


Through partnership, we harmonize our efforts with our clients, crafting a collective journey towards shared objectives.


Embark on a journey beyond consulting with Bonjour et co, a digital marketing and e-commerce partner that crafts tailored digital strategies for success. Founded in 2021, we're not just a digital marketing and e-commerce consultancy firm; we're the architects of your digital triumph, propelling luxury brands to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.



Head Office Europe, America & Middle East

Arles, France

Head Office Africa, Asia & Oceania

Cape Town, South Africa


During our time working together at Patrick Mavros, I was blown away by how knowledgeable, driven and motivated Alexandra is. She was the key driving force for several key strategic projects and was responsible for conceptualising and implementing a new, refined and strategically executed digital strategy and workflow. Alexandra is also highly skilled in creating beautiful, commercially successful websites and pages and goes above and beyond to achieve results from both a commercial and brand focused approach.


Alexandra's key skills and knowledge within the e-commerce space is a testament to her dedication and passion for the profession and she is thoroughly up to date on trends and new findings within the digital space.

Beyond just a professional impact, Alexandra makes an exceptional effort to foster a warm culture within the team and she is a kind and thoughtful member of the team.

Patrick Mavros

Courtney Hendry

Brands that have intrusted in Bonjour et co.

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We believe in using our platform to create positive ripples that extend far beyond our clients' brands. Our dedication to contributing to the broader community and social causes is exemplified through our ground-breaking initiative, Impact.Repeat.

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